Thenticate is your next generation Authenticator app - it's smart, secure and has a sleek design.

It's beautiful.

Did you ever check out some of the other Authenticator apps? Yeah? We did that too. And this is why we decided to build a new one which fits our needs in every single aspect.

It's secure.

Thenticate encrypts all your tokens locally with your master password and backs them up with your Google account. No need to worry when your phone gets damaged or lost - simply download Thenticate again and enter your old master password.

It's customizable.

Make it yours! Thenticate is fully customizable - you can select custom colors and icons in order to differentiate between your accounts in a glimpse.

It's wearable.

Thenticate also supports Android Wear devices. Now you can use your favorite wearable to log into your account.


Is Thenticate completely free?

Yes, it is.

How safe is it? What kind of encryption do you use? 

We are using AES 256-bit, a military standard for top-secret documents, to encrypt all your data. Your master password is stored inside the hardware-backed Android keystore to ensure maximum security.

Does it work offline? 

Yup. When you have successfully logged in with your Google account, all your encrypted tokens are downloaded onto your phone. The tokens are stored encrypted and only get decrypted at runtime.

What happens if I loose my phone? Does it make sense to connect Thenticate to my Google account when I use 2FA on it? 

Absolutely! When you first setup your Google 2FA you are prompted to enter your mobile phone number. So if you lose your phone and want to sign in again on your new phone you simply can get yourself sent a new code via SMS. After that you can download Thenticate again, enter your master password and voilà: all your 2FA tokens are there again as if nothing ever happened.

Why do you only support Google login? 

We chose the Google sign-in because we think it is one of the most secure ones. When enabling 2FA in your Google account (what we strongly recommend) you will always be asked to enter your mobile number as a backup so that it will be always possible to recover that one. Still unsure? As a third recovery option you should download and print some backup tokens for your Google account and store them in a safe place.